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The Joy of Living for Christ (Philippians 1:19-30)

Sermon Series: 
Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 10:30am

The 1993 classic movie “Groundhog Day” is beloved by millions; it is a movie depicting a man, actor Bill Murray, who is trapped reliving February 2nd again and again without being able to live a February 3rd. This movie is enjoyed partly because there appear to be no consequences for the decisions Murray makes. In a practical sense, how would you live your life differently if there were no consequences for tomorrow?

As Christians, we have an absolute assurance that, no matter our earthly situations, our eternal security is found through faith in Christ. We do not need to fear the future because, if we are living lives devoted to Jesus, we have a promise from God that we are not alone. Thus, there are four implications this revelation should have on our lives.

  1. The Christian life is lived visibly- The apostle Paul sought to be an example to other Christians in his difficult circumstances. When you live for Christ you should be seeking to magnify Jesus with all your decisions.
  2. The Christian life is lived consistently- If, like Paul, you proclaim Jesus with your words you must also declare him with your lifestyle. Nothing makes Christ look worse than hypocritical Christians.
  3. The Christian life is lived in unity- The Church is a team. We may have differing opinions on worship style or biblical translation but what unites us, our faith in Jesus, is more important than our divisions. 
  4. The Christian life is lived confidently- You are not defined by your current situation, the struggles of your past, or mistakes you have made. Because your identity and confidence is rooted in Christ you do not need to fear the future.

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