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Get Ready, a Storm Is Coming (1 Peter 1:1-2)

Sermon Series: 
Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 10:30am

1 Peter:1-2

Throughout the history of the church persecution of believers has existed.  Now it seems, though, the storm of persecution we used to only read about has come to our nation's shores.  For the first time since  the founding of the U.S. we are seeing laws passed with the explicit purpose of limiting Christians' exercising their faith.  But we have hope in knowing the church will get through this storm, and we will be stronger on the other side.  Early believers faced persecution, too, and God protected and grew the church then, and He's doing it now.  That's what this series is all about, the unshakable nature of our faith, which is built on the unshakable foundation of a perfect and immovable God.  Join us on Sunday mornings as we study the letters of Peter, an apostle of Jesus, writing to encourage the persecuted church.