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Our Staff

Pastoral Staff


Senior Pastor - Dr. Collin Monger 

Dr. Monger came to Shepherd of the Hills in February of 2016.  He grew up in a military family and moved a lot.  He says one of the hardest questions to answer is, “Where are you from?”  After meeting his wife, Melisa, they moved to Ohio.  It was there that Collin was called to ministry and thus began a Seminary education.  He holds a Bachelors and Masters in Biblical Studies, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctorate in Theology.  He has also published two books.  He had previously served as a Pastor in the Ohio Conference of Church of the Brethren before relocating to Pennsylvania.  Currently, he serves as the Senior Pastor and primary Bible teacher of Shepherd of the Hills Church.


Executive Pastor - Charles Rowdon

Charles came to Shepherd in June of 2017 to serve in our newly created position of Executive Pastor.  Charles holds a Bachelor's degree in Christian ministry and has an extensive history with youth.  Charles grew up in an Air Force home and was raised in a home dedicated to serving others, an experience that positions him well to care for the needs of the church.


Youth Pastor - Lucas Hahn

 Lucas came to Shepherd in May of 2017 to serve as our Youth Pastor.  Lucas holds an Associates Degree in youth ministry and has a deep passion to see kids follow after Jesus.  He has participated in several mission trips both domestically and oversees.  Youth isn't his only talent, though; Lucas is a talented drummer and frequently plays with the worship teams during service.  Because of his worship experience and musical talent, Lucas also helps to manage our "One Voice" worship ministry.


Visitation Pastor - Jim Jessum

 Jim has been part of Shepherd for many years.  Ministry is not new to Jim and because of the gifting God has given him, he is a natural when it comes to visitation.  He has a heart for those in need, specifically those confined to their home or hospital rooms.  In addition to serving as our Visitation Pastor, Jim is also a long-standing Elder within the church where he currently also serves as Vice President.    


Missionary Pastor – Derrick Whitmore

 Derrick came to Shepherd of the Hills Church in February of 2005.  After graduating from high school, Derrick began an educational path that would eventually lead him to a Masters of Non-Profit Management.  Combined with a passion for troubled youth, Derrick, along with other church members and area pastors, founded Shattered Studios – a missionary outreach to youth and teens that are struggling in life - where Derrick currently serves.  

Office Staff

Church Administrator – Janet Smithson

(NO PHOTO AVAILABLE)  Janet Smithson  has faithfully served the congregation of Shepherd of the Hills Church for more than thirty years.  During that time her roll has evolved into what it is today.  She is responsible for many of the things that allow the church to run in a smooth, orderly way.  Maintaining the church’s scheduling, answering the phones, mailing news letters, printing weekly bulletins, creating and editing our monthly Shepherd’s Staff publication – these are only a few things Janet does to keep the church operational.

Treasurer – Vaughn Miller

 Vaughn Miller has been involved with Shepherd of the Hills for many years.  Currently, he serves the church as our Treasurer, making sure the books are balanced, the staff are paid and that the bills get out on time.  In addition to serving as our Treasurer, Vaughn also serves as an elder.  He and his wife, Judy, live close and enjoy time with their grandchildren. 






Maintenance Staff

Property Manager – John Schaffer

(NO PHOTO AVAILABLE) John Shaffer has served Shepherd of the Hills Church since the year 2000.  He is responsible for making sure the building is kept up and running.  If there is something you need fixed, there is more than a good chance that John knows how to fix it.  In addition to the building, John is also responsible for maintaining the nearly 18 acres of green areas and parking lots, and the two cemeteries the church owns.  But that is not all!  John is also an extremely talented pianist and vocalist and, in the past, has played with several worship teams.


Maintenance Assistant – Lisa Houck

Lisa Houk has served the congregation of Shepherd of the Hills Church since the year 2009.  Throughout the week, Lisa is busy helping to keep the church up and running.  She also serves in a similar capacity at one of the local Christian Schools where her family attends.  Lisa is an incredibly crafty and talented person, which means she is always keeping busy with something.  In the summer she enjoys consignment sales and in the fall and winter she sells Christmas trees and wreaths.  She also raises chickens for eggs.  There is little Lisa can’t do.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Her entire family is heavily involved with our church and has been for a long time.





Director of Technology

Jonathan Grove

Jon Grove serves our church in a number of ways.  He has a bachelors in Digital Communications and Multimedia and is on staff here as our Director of Technology which means he is responsible for keeping the technology used at the church up and running. This includes, but is not limited to, our Sound and Video equipment used in our Sanctuary each service. He is also the one who keeps the entire church network, including emails and worship computers, operational.  In other words, if there is a computer problem, Jon is your guy!  In addition to IT, Jon is also a very talented pianist and leads one of our worship teams.  He is also interested in videography, photography and has a talent for graphic design.  Those skills are put to use as Jon creates our weekly video announcements for service. 






Dr. Chip Reardon

Dr. Reardon has served with Shepherd of the Hills as our Organist for more than 20 years.  He holds a PhD in music and has a long and extensive history and knowledge of all things music.  He knows our entire hymnal by memory and if you have an event coming up or need a song for a specific occasion, you can be almost certain Chip will know one.  It might surprise people to know that Chip is also a very talented bagpipe player.  In addition to that, his wife, Gerri, is a skilled vocalist.  Both her and Chip can be found in service, leading our church in worship.







Director/Teacher – Kelsey Herman

 Kelsey Herman has served our church’s preschool for a number of years as a teacher.  It was in 2015, however, that she became the Director of our preschool, and she has done an awesome job!  She has a passion for children and does more behind the scenes than anyone will ever know.  She regularly attends New Hanover United Methodist Church in Boyertown where she also volunteers in the choir.







Teacher Assistant – Sue Moser

Sue Moser has served Shepherd of the Hills and been a member here for many years.  She currently serves as a Teacher’s Assistant in our preschool and as such has an incredible impact on every one of our students.  She and her husband, Jeff, are also involved in other ways here at the church.  Jeff, for example, serves as an elder.  Sue is always willing to help and, no matter what is going on, always has a smile on her face.  







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Dr. Collin Monger
Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. John Brown
Associate Pastor
Derrick Whitmore
Missionary Pastor
Janet Smithson
Administrative Assistant
Jon Schaffer
Property Manager
Kelsey Herman
Pre-School Director & Teacher
Lisa Houck
Maintenance Assistant
Sue Moser
Pre-School Assistant

Chip Reardon

Jonathan Grove
IT Director

Charles Rowdon

Executive Pastor

Lucas Hahn

Youth Pastor